Amnesiac City

Season Two, Episode Five

The Trinity Arrive

[This is a session report originally sent to Nic Williamson who was briefly an In-Fighter. It’s going to refer to players and their characters, it’s going to have a couple of ‘behind the curtain’ things. Also the grammar and tenses may be awful. I can’t let that go and will have amended what I can, but there WILL be errors.]

Last week, [Blank] blew himself, some worshippers and the statue of Sky Father up using the second bathtub of nitroglycerin. He ran, took shelter and BOOM!

We start with [Blank] looking down at Naraka, at Ashfield. People are driving down from what looks like a power station. He can hear a voice. Sky Father. He says that [Blank] doesn’t need a name, doesn’t need an identity. He had been remade. Purified. They are all the children of the city and they are all perfect. But there are those who are not. They call themselves Wardens. There are false prophets, the people from the statue (Dave, Eve and Owen), the Wardens and those who work with them. They are unenlightened. They are not pure, and must die.

Tears in his eyes, [Blank] has purpose. He falls, faster and faster until he’s yards from the ground. Then he wakes up. He rallies the believers around the crater, and has a speech to tell them…

Christine and Tuford walk back through the field of cows, Tuford is bloodied from his savage beating at a farmer’s hands. Craig the dog is happy, and licking the blood from Tuford’s hands. They decide to take a cow with them and rope it. They both know enough about animals to get it in order and start walking it to the town. The power is back on, and they have a cow to get milkshakes from.

Dunne, Dignam and Allison have left Dave and some engineers back at the power station, and drive back, only to see engineers travelling to the station and some bloodied kids with a cow and dog. They stop, recognise them and suggest they take the kids to the hospital. Christine holds a knife up, threatening them. Dignam offers to walk them back as they won’t leave the cow. Dunne and Allison investigate the dairy and find the black hieroglyphic eye painted where there was once a basement. All the blood’s cleaned up. All sign of life is gone.

Back in town, [Blank] fails to encourage the people at the dig site, but he and Wyngarde have been winning over a ton of people who are looking for answers. Apparently ‘Sky Father’ is enough, although they’ll need more soon. [Blank] gets his flock to start searching for Dave, Eve and Owen, as they’re all targets of his. He’s aware that Dunne said he was a Warden (even though he isn’t, and didn’t know what they are).

As it gets dark, Tuford gets his wounds patched up, dosed with painkillers and Christine, a force of chaos and curiosity, gets him to join her in going to the graveyard. Tuford optimistically joins in and they stomp around. The small building on the edge of the graveyard is the funeral director’s, but looks like a mausoleum. Tuford is small, even for a seven year old, and squeezes through the bars with little effort. He looks at the computer and it doesn’t mean anything to him. He lets Christine in and they push a display gravestone over. Then she looks at the computer and they find pictures of themselves, as well as medical histories and school districts. No parental information. They go to bed, after looking at some unmarked graves.

Allison and Dunne scour the streets for Eve and Owen, eventually arriving at Kirk’s bar, where they’re hiding and drinking. People are asking questions about the two scientists, and they’re getting jumpy. Dunne is still looking for answers about the painted eye, but even they don’t know anything. Apparently during construction if things fell apart, they would be rebuilt with the eye painted on it. Dunne and Allison sneak Eve and Owen out of town, to the dairy, and they stay up, taking watches through the night. Allison sees a massive garbage truck drive to the power station and rings them up, telling them to be careful.

The next day, it’s dawn and Wyngarde is getting people organised for a sermon in the park. [Blank] discovers what the kids found, and asks to be shown the computer. He starts making notes about everyone’s details, addresses and jobs. The main things he sees are that Kirk isn’t Kirk (he’s someone called Q. Warren, whose address is next door to Kirk’s). [Blank], Dunne and McWilliams are not native to Ashfield. The kids have done well, and now [Blank] is able to go around, telling people where they live and what they might want to consider doing, saying that Sky Father has provided.

Allison and Dunne are tired, but set out to Naraka. They drive past more farms and a petrol station with people on deck chairs on the roof. They wave at the car as it goes past. “They’re probably mad,” Allison says. The city is glorious, and Dunne is immediately more at home. They discuss the plan of action and apparently there are three founders; McWilliams, Ensler and Arulpragasam, who should know how to stop the problems here. The problems not being the amnesia, but the forces also at work in the city. The group break into a police station and start scouring for anything they can. Dunne has a chat with a friendly neighbour who’s asking if they’re police. He refers them to Allison who says that yes, they are, but they can’t find their keys (a lot of that going around, what with the amnesia). It’s all rather friendly, and they discover that they can get new ID cards from city hall. Their plan is: go to city hall and get access cards for everywhere, and find these three people (Arulpragasam’s house is nearby, Ensler’s is at the marina and McWilliams is in the presidential suite of a hotel). Shaun is pleased to find out McWilliams’ first name, Roland, according to the scientists, although they’ve not met him before. The rest of the group realise that these are the trio of people their old characters met in underground labs, who promised to ‘free’ them if they stepped into a special box and let a button be pushed.

[Blank] confronts Kirk, telling him a few ugly home truths and hears some uglier stories. Kirk is Q. Warren, and heard a gunshot in the next house. A man next door killed himself after scrawling everywhere that ‘the experiment failed’ and ‘Arulpragasam was right’. He buried the body on Day Two when the group were killing the mad farmer. His secret is kept, but [Blank] investigates the house where real Kirk was. He reads confirmation that Sheriff Morris, Dignam, Allison and Kirk were Wardens.

[Blank] makes a house call to Dignam who tries to brush him off, saying he’s got an errand for Allison. He flees from [Blank]‘s holy soldiers (all armed with knives) and runs out back. Of course, [Blank] has people there, too. He says that he is just, he’s kind, and throws Dignam out of the town, never to come back. Dignam walks into the wood and [Blank] walks back into town. HIS town.



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