Amnesiac City

Season Two, Episode Four


[This is a session report originally sent to Nic Williamson who was briefly an In-Fighter. It’s going to refer to players and their characters, it’s going to have a couple of ‘behind the curtain’ things. Also the grammar and tenses may be awful. I can’t let that go and will have amended what I can, but there WILL be errors.]

We start with a boom. In the woods, [Blank] and Wyngarde celebrate that the Sky Father’s plan is coming into fruition. In the town, Allison and Dignam both race to find out what’s happened. Dunne and the Sheriff split up in their rush. Dunne is nonchalant, not caring about the people, while the Sheriff, for all his bad behaviour, wants to make sure the populace is safe.
The Big House is a crater, a wreck. Crowds are gathering. Carpenter, Benny’s killer, says that he heard that Benny and McWilliams were going to go in there to drop off supplies, covering for their disappearance. Allison tries to maintain order and [Blank] starts calming people down for the sake of the Sky Father. [Blank] and Wyngarde have the church, which they’ll keep people in for safety. Dunne loses track of The Sheriff. No one’s seen him, and expects that he’s gone up in flames, too.
When it turns midnight, every television, every monitor, shows a red screen and a countdown. 24:00:00, and it’s going down.
All in all, a bit of a weird night.
Day Six begins in a school. Children are waking up, they’re crying, they’re panicking. It’s chaos. The kids are anywhere from six to sixteen. Seven year old Tuford (Shaun, and according to him it’s Tufford) and ten year old Christina (Jacob) are amongst the kids. Dignam sees all of the kids running riot, gets Allison to help look for teacherly types. Almost every house is inhabited now, with hundreds of people in the town. They’re pulling together, more of a community, aided by the people who were there in the first days. There’s no roll call, as there are no police. Instead, [Blank] tries to summon others to help uncover Sky Father.
Dunne eventually finds a sign of The Sheriff. He’s on the police station roof, watching everything. He’s paranoid that the killers of his men are everywhere. Dunne is typically unhelpful and they come to an impasse. Dunne wants in on whatever regime the Sheriff starts, and the Sheriff wants proof that he’s looking out for the town. He wants Dunne to infiltrate the Sky Father fanatics and find out if they did this. If so, he’ll rain hell on them. Dunne eventually agrees.
Allison arranges for a town meeting in the park and rounds up some of the kids. Christine’s made to look after Tuford, and a poor woman who’s enlisted as teacher (the woman Billy/Wilson/Crutchley, Shaun’s old character slept with). Dunne tries to get supplies from the general store, but the guy in charge of it, Naraghi, is a waster, or just doesn’t like him. The Sky Father worshippers arrange for a barbecue and a bit of a happy-clappy gathering around the statue later.
Unnoticed, the countdown’s still ticking away.
At the town meeting, there are HUNDREDS of people. The kids are fidgety, with [Blank] looking after them. He’s promised milkshakes and a barbecue. The Sky Father guys keep sabotaging the meeting, driving their agenda forward while Dunne hangs with them, trying to get into the group.
The late afternoon barbecue takes place around the mostly-unearthed Sky Father statue. Several people are there, just to see what it’s like. Allison and Dignam are back in town, and talk on the radio to a woman named Robertson in Naraka Central Police Station. She tells them about the situation in the city, which is similar, but on a much larger scale, and with no religious zealots. She’s not a cop, and doesn’t know what’s going on with the countdown. Like one or two of the Day Fivers, she says that she saw a man on the television before the countdown came on.
In the woods, a man excitedly goes off to get firewood with [Blank] and Christine. Tuford climbs the statue, falls and hurts himself. Christine sees something and runs off, finding a dog there. Yay! A doggie! The guy with the axe starts hacking away at a tree and noises are heard. The trees are moving. [Blank] backs away as the guy keeps chopping. Out of the trees, the Trash Men appear. They grab the man, snap his neck and drag him back to the woods. They see [Blank], but one of them puts a finger up to where his mouth would be. He’s safe, but his City Awareness score has increased.
Night falls, and only a few of the adults are left at the barbecue. Allison and Dignam stick by the police station, guns ready for when the countdown runs out. Dunne and [Blank] are by the statue. The base of it is visible from all the digging, and in the wooded darkness, a crack appears in a line around the base, and part of it pushes inwards, light flooding the pit. It’s a door, and it’s opening.
In Ashfield, the countdown reaches zero. Then the lights go out, street by street, spreading across the neighbourhood, closer and closer. The light pollution in the city goes out. The power is gone from everywhere, and they’re in the dark. All except the pit, where a form moves out from the light.



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