Amnesiac City

Season Two, Episode Six

In Which Tuford Becomes a Man

This is a session report originally sent to Nic Williamson who was briefly an In-Fighter. It’s going to refer to players and their characters, it’s going to have a couple of ‘behind the curtain’ things. Also the grammar and tenses may be awful. I can’t let that go and will have amended what I can, but there WILL be errors.

We had another session of Amnesiac City yesterday. It was one of the more ‘nothing’ episodes, and yet had some of the darker moments.

Before the session, I had the character creation whiteboard rubbed clean and a list of ‘truths’ about the season end, given that it’ll be the start of season three, and when both season one and two casts merge.

  • Town founder “S. Ensler” is alive.
  • Talk Show Host Sam Sanders is alive.
  • There is a curfew.
  • Abraham still controls the box stores.
  • It’s Day 47.

I said that one more was “* Christine and Dunne are alive” because those are the characters of the players who weren’t in season one. removed description of an argument about plot immunity for the sake of brevity

We opened with [Blank] drawing up plans for the town. People were to start cutting trees down near to the town, and start making a wall. Kids were to learn archery, after all, the statue of Sky Father was a bearded man in a horned helm, with wings and arrows in him. So bows and arrows it is.

Allison, Dunne, Eve and Owen realised that a police cabin they’d broken into was not a good place to hide, as The Trash Men would be by later. They spoke to the chatty neighbour, O. David, and kipped on his floor. They saw that a lot of people are really normal and friendly. The next day they went to the home of founder, N. Arulpragasam, which was a gated house nearby. They saw crazy writing about “Yama” everywhere, and mentioning “the heart of the city”. The biggest contraband Allison’s warden had seen was there, a book on theology from Earth. That’s not good. He hid it, pocketed some of the antipsychotics which were loose around the house and left.

[Blank], Tuford and Christine designed a flag for their town and he had an impromptu archery contest. All the while, Carpenter kept watching Christine. Ashfield’s in a good way, all apart from some of the girls who have been missing, but no one really notices.

Dunne and Allison went to the city hall where people were lining up. Apparently a CC Robertson (the voice from the police line, although I don’t know if the players noticed) could open city hall’s doors and was giving people their addresses. Most people are staying at the stadium, at the mall or dotted around in some of the skyscrapers. They conspire to come back when it’s dark.

At night, Christine and Tuford go to their ‘den’, the funeral home. They’ve been putting anything of interest in there and playing, but tonight they can hear a noise. It’s a digging sound. It’s Carpenter, and a woman who looks like she’s sleeping. Neither child notices that she’s dead, and Tuford immediately confronts Carpenter, to see what he’s doing. He lies and the kids go, along with Craig the Argentinian Mastiff (played by Steve). The kids go off to bed.

Dunne and Allison come up with a plan. They pretend to be attacked by people and seek shelter in the city hall, where Robertson and two men with submachine guns are staying. After a while, the suspicious trio let Dunne, Allison, Owen and Eve in, but only to show them out the back way. The questioning makes Robertson even less easy, and Allison is insistent on getting Eve & Owen keycards. Also getting himself and Dunne keycards which allow them access to everywhere. Really insistent. They’re shown out and escorted by a guard, to an office building. Horowitz, a man who woke in prison and was freed by the group in Season One, has made the offices into a shelter, having looted bedding stores for mattresses. There are a ton of people, and the quartet plan to try the city hall in the morning. Dunne had his address given to him and looks out over the city, trying to get a grip on where his apartment block is.

In the daytime, Tuford starts digging at the hole to see what Carpenter was burying. He doesn’t find anything, as Carpenter’s smarter than that.
Christine is called over by Carpenter who says Tuford’s hurt his head in the alleyway. “Again?” she moans. Shaun says, “How did I get in the alleyway?”
“You’re not.” I tell him.
A second later, he realises what this means.
Carpenter has parked a car down the other side of the alleyway, unloops his strangle wire and tells Christine that she shouldn’t scream. No one will believe her. She goes for him with a knife and is smacked. At that, the dog goes nuts. Craig bites Carpenter’s arm, Christine stabs him and he beats the dog savagely. He backs away, saying that he’ll tell everyone the dog bit him and no one will believe Christine’s accusations, so she beats him around the head with a bin-lid. He drops, frail man that he is, but is noticed by passers by. Cook restrains Christine while Berman drags Carpenter away and [Blank] deals with the dog. He’s tied up near the church, angry and covered in blood.
Christine is kept in a schoolroom and convinced Reed, the teacher (and constant victim of the group’s behaviour) to let her go to the bathroom. She whacks Reed’s ankle and runs away, only to reach the woods and hear a barking get cut short.
Tuford is brought to the dog by [Blank], and told that the dog bit a man, that he’s bad and has a taste for human blood. He needs to be put down, and Tuford’s the only one who the dog trusts. Tuford gets Craig some water, cleans him off, lets him drink, then slits his throat.
Christine flees, with people searching for her until dark. Something’s in the woods, almost dog-sized. No, bigger than a dog. Bigger than Craig. She runs back to the school, steals a bow and a dozen arrows, then runs out again. She goes to sleep in the crook of a tree, in the dark. As she’s drifting off to sleep, there’s the noise of a dog’s paws padding nearby, and she almost sees some rust-red fur, then falls asleep.

A quiet session for the most part, but with some dire consequences. [Blank] is training child soldiers and going full-on Kurtz. Christine and Tuford are broken up. Allison and Dunne are in the city, but unsure what to do. They have goals, but they know that Eve and Owen don’t want to cure the amnesia, Owen even openly said that the memories are cleanly gone and never coming back. They simply want to restore order.

also removed a discussion about things to do in the finale



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