Amnesiac City

Season Two, Episode Two

Martial Law

This is a session report originally sent to Nic Williamson who was briefly an In-Fighter. It’s going to refer to players and their characters, it’s going to have a couple of ‘behind the curtain’ things. Also the grammar and tenses may be awful. I can’t let that go and will have amended what I can, but there WILL be errors.

We started with Lee’s character waking up by a lake. He was dressed in a black suit, white shirt, black tie and black driving gloves. He looked around and drank a little from the lake before exploring a little further. An old man called out and said he came to in a deck chair on the other side of the lake. There was nothing there, so he wandered round this way. The pair went through the woods, talking about their lack of memory and not knowing which way civilisation was.
There was a crunch in the woods. Another one. Then one right behind Lee’s character, who span around. When he looked back, the man was being dragged away by a noose. There was a man in the shadows, pulling him further into the dark. Lee’s character made a quick getaway, figuring that the old man would keep them busy.
He wandered down a path towards town (as shown on a sign, Ashfield, 1 mile) and met a blonde woman in a red dress. She had no memory and as he looked fishy, she thought he might have drugged her. The two argued and he carried on down the path, with her nearby, holding her item, a can of mace.

In town, Hayden woke up and ate some of the breakfast Allison was cooking. They went outside and saw The Sheriff assigning people duties, searching houses and guarding the outskirts of the town. Anyone from the woods who looked hostile was to be put down. They couldn’t have an incident like yesterday. Shaun’s character was in “Wilson” mode, the passive vegan who was allergic to everything. We defined his other personalities as “L Crutchley” (the egomaniac) and “Billy” the child.
The trio went around in Hayden’s pickup, checking off streets, seeing if their keycards worked in any houses and making sure people weren’t trapped in their homes. They saw a suspicious man walk out of the woods and immediately sounded the pickup’s horn. Hayden went out, confronted the man and put his hand out to block him coming into the town. The man put Hayden in an arm-lock just as the police all showed up. There was a tense confrontation which stopped when O’Casey, one of the deputies, suggested they all go to the diner and talk this out.

The Sheriff and Lee’s character, who found out his name was L.Dunne (he also found a bottle of zopiclone in his jacket), had a nice chat. He was told that he should move on if he didn’t take orders well, and if he was amenable, then he could help the effort in town. The woman found out her name was D.McWilliams and Benny took her on as a waitress. Benny went to the hospital to read up on the antipsychotics he had as his item and decided to start giving them to Shaun’s character, who was in full “Billy” persona.

The search effort from O’Casey and Dunne (annoyingly Lee decided to stick with O’Casey rather than a player character) turned up a doctor. An attractive woman who had stayed in her home, figuring that she was having some head problems, what with the amnesia. H Berman, apparently. Dunne pointed out that they had wounded (Billy, shot in the back last session) so she set out to find him and the hospital. Dunne, O’Casey, Berman, Benny and Billy went into the creepy hospital to sort out the bullet wounds.

Given that Dunne was not smart about medicine, Benny asked that he fetch more antipsychotics and gave more to Billy. Berman started to operate.
In town, Allison (now Francis Allison, because that is so much manlier) and Hayden (Andy Hayden) were going through homes and saw one was open. They went inside and saw Fielding, one of the deputies. He had bloodied knuckles and was talking about having shown Kirk a lesson for stealing medical supplies. Hayden was good with that as how to treat a thief, Francis less so. He got Bailey, the kid who had been shot at, to see to the wounds. They grabbed the medical supplies, told Fielding to walk it off and went to the hospital to make sure the supplies were back where they belonged.

Now, with all the players in the hospital, things started to happen. On the way to the pharmacy to drop all the drugs off, Hayden, Allison and Dunne noticed one out of all the many, many hospital beds, had an occupant. Dunne yelled at the sleeping man who got up with a shot, hands gripping round Hayden’s neck. He immediately said, “Allison? What’s happening?”
And everyone freaked the hell out. How did this man know who Allison was? Allison and the man, Dignam (which he said without checking his wallet) tried to cover tracks, and Dunne left to get The Sheriff. Allison and Dignam tried not to dig themselves deeper, but when they obviously weren’t coming back, Dignam pulled a hammer out from under the bed and smacked Hayden round the head.

Elsewhere, Wilson woke up, afraid that any of the painkillers he had been given would cause an allergic reaction. Benny and Berman were weirded out by the change, but Benny was getting used to it.

Hayden whacked Dignam with the hatchet, and yelled at Allison to help. As did Dignam. Hayden took another hit from the claw side of the hammer and started to run. Allison shot him in the back and he tried to crawl away, down the hallway, only to get shot again. Dignam walked up to him and finished the job with the claw hammer.

Hearing the shots, Benny started to look around for who did it. Dunne was only slowly going to The Sheriff’s office, so the deed was done when they turned up. The other players scowled at Alex and I while Allison and Dignam quickly got their stories straight. There was a minor confrontation, but things were okay, no one was any the wiser in-game. Dunne went to check on the body and to see if anyone had disposed of it, only to see that the body, and the blood, were all gone.

In the background, bricks from the wall slid back into place, by themselves, unnoticed by Dunne.



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