A Lewis

A muscular martial artist


Lewis woke up in a park.

His head hurt and his vision swam but he struggled to his feet and looked around. The wind whistled through the empty trees and it was the only sound. It was the ONLY sound. No birds. No cars. No people. No memories.

Clad only in a bathrobe, he met up with the psychotic Ensler who convinced him to raid a school where the PCs were holding out, to retrieve his pills. He dressed himself in stolen clothes and followed after Ensler to see him entering the building, so chased him all the way to what would prove an….interesting introduction.

Slamming Brogan’s face into the photocopier, breaking it and printing grainy and distorted images of his face Lewis out, Lewis demanded answers to his questions.

Brogan, however, proved a formidable adversary, spinning out of Lewis’ hold and drawing a gun. An uneasy impasse was broken by Ensler’s arrival, launching himself at Brogan with a knife.

Ensler was shot and left tied to the photocopier, his missing pills in his pocket the entire time. The group filled Lewis in and they headed off together into the city, ignoring the Laboratory that they had spotted off in the distance.

Crashing in a house, Lewis had his first encounter with the Trashmen, their glowing red eyes, face-obscuring masks and enormous vehicles.

Since, Lewis has almost been turned into a Trashman (twice), killed (twice) and technically died (twice).

At the moment, besides having killed everyone else (apart from Paul) who is currently alive and on the boat with him (which is gonna make for an awkward first session) he HATES Ensler. He’s getting off this god damned island, and going home, wherever that is. That was his priority in Season 1. It’s still high on his list, but first, he’s getting his hands on that little FUCK and making him pay.

A Lewis

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