The Judge

The city's defender




The Judge’s name is unknown.

It stands almost ten feet tall, yet the buildings move for it. It has two heads with eyes held shut with tiny metal bars, yet it finds you wherever you hide. It’s mouth, equally barred, opens only to breathe fire on its’ prey. The Judge’s body is gigantic, all muscle but covered in blood and rust. It is the colour of bricks, the colour of the butcher’s knife. All reds and oranges. It has many arms, but it only wields two weapons. It holds a long-handled axe in one hand, dripping with gore. In the other, a spear with lengths of chain.
It finds you wherever you hide.
The buildings will move for it.
It will find you.
You will be judged.
Naraka will do what it likes with your remains.

The Judge

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