Amnesiac City

Season Two, Episode One
Welcome to Ashfield

This session is missing. I couldn’t find the original write-up.

Here is the information from the session bible about the events of the first two days which roughly happened this way. A brief ‘behind the curtain’ look is that the names of the NPCs were all determined randomly and only had role names. I’ve removed anything too spoilery.


Day 0 – On the 0th day, a few wardens used Ashfield as a base of operations. One of them was going to be ‘Sheriff’ anyway, and they circled the wagons. One of the prisoners had woken up and escaped from the first day batch. They were collected after finding a shrine in the rough form of a person. No one knew what this was, but it seemed to radiate heat. The prisoner was cuffed and dragged back when the sirens went off, knocking all remaining people out.

Day 1 – On the first day, The Sheriff and a handful of others in Ashfield woke up. They didn’t explore far, and one of them, E.Milman, went into the woods. There were screams and they managed to see something attacking him. From then, The Sheriff & The Enforcer started putting up signs not to go into the woods. The Sheriff called a meeting in the Big House to announce their protection and that no one’s getting in or out until they figure out why no one remembers anything.


Day 2 – More people wake up, placed anywhere people weren’t already looking. Generally inside. We start here. The players wake up from this point on. If the city is seen, it’s burning. The Berserker goes nuts, quite early on, plunging them into a state of emergency and hopefully trying to make the town seem dependent on each other.


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