If you had no memory of who you were, of where you were, or where you belonged, what would you do? In the city of Naraka, one million people wake with no memory, no identification apart from a magnetic card with a surname. They’ve suffered some kind of city-wide attack, and of course, no one can remember what happened.
The fallout is immediate and horrible. People’s minds break at the prospect of losing all they were. Each amnesiac wakes with their ID card and one random item, many of which are weapons. A suburban apocalypse ensues, with people trying to restore order and unite the citizens against those who have snapped.
While some want to restore the city’s order, others want answers. Camps who oppose the city take up residence in nearby box stores, several cults have their own interpretation of what the city wants, but Naraka has its say in the end. It always does.
At night, the Trash Men repair the damage done to the city and remove people who would harm it.

It is times like this people find out who they are, even if they don’t know who they were.


Amnesiac City

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